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2022 Museum Veere, the Netherlands, NKvT, `The light of Veere 2.0` (till 7th NOVEMBER 2022)  
    Blue House Gallery, Schull, Ireland, `The world in your hands`
    West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Ireland (till 15th July `22)
2021 Pulchri, The Hague, NKvT
2020 Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, NKvT
2019 Museum Belvedère, Oranjewoud/Heerenveen, `Frysk, hunderd years of pictoral art in Friesland`
    Pictura, Groningen, NKvT
    Gallery Sic Serp, Rotterdam, Salon d`hiver
    Theatre de Lawei, Drachten, solo in public place
2018 Museum Swartwoude, Ameland, Art Month
    Gallery `Artemisia in Kunstzaken`, Leeuwarden
    BAS Gallery, Sneek
2017 `Into the wetlands, Art route, Rottige Gemeente with Carole Witteveen
    The Westerchurch, Leeuwarden
2016 Museum Sorgdrager, Hollum, Ameland
    Publisher Douma, Dokkum (solo)
2015 Gallery Bo Lumen, Art Month Ameland
2014 `Havesate`, Olst (solo)
2011 The Hague museum, Summer exposition


In 2018, I made illustrations for a small cooking book, commissioned by foundation Amelander Musea (STAM) and foundation HDK2018. Also a portrait of the whaler Hidde Dirks Kat (100x140cm) and his wife Jantje Jans (90x70cm). The portraits were bought by the foundation.

Video: https://vimeo.com/45759779


1. `Any dream wil do`, the titel of a book with pubs and horses in Ireland, Put out by myself, 21x13 cm,
2. `Egbarta Veenhuizen, het raadsel wordt er niet minder op`. A selection of my oeuvre from 1995-2011 with  
  an essay, written by Huub Mous. Release date was in 2011, also put out by myself and printed by
  Tienkamp, Groningen, 29x22 cm, hardcover edition, 500 copy`s (Mauritsheech publ.)
3. Illustrations for the book `The little Arctic and Amelandse cookingbook`in the context of Cultural
  Capital 2018.
4. A drawing for the cover from the book `Develsday on Greenland` by Ype Poortinga (2018) ISBN
5. Drawings in the Poet bundle `Fractures of the ice`(2016) ISBN 9789082187373/ publicer: Mauritsheech
6. Museum Belvedère: Image of `The explorer`in the book FRYSK, a 100 years of painting in
  Friesland`/Noordboek ISBN 9789056154929